Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

Published June 3, 2011

Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

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I’d read this one before, but when Mr C asked me about it, I realised I couldn’t really remember the point of it. Something about not getting too het up about stuff.

We dug out the physical copy, because it’s not available via the Amazon Kindle store, and in a spur of the moment type thing, I read the whole story aloud to Mr C.

It is a good story, although by the end it seems to drag on a bit. You’ve already got the point but they still have more lessons for you to learn. Don’t be scared of change is the point, but to highlight it with mice and cheese is great. Although I did get distracted occasionally, thinking of the moon being made of cheese and things like that.

Still, it’s worth reading, it doesn’t take very long at all, and now I hope I’m going to be able to remember what it’s actually about.

Rating: Unrated

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