Watership Down by Richard Adams

Published July 13, 2016

Watership Down by Richard Adams

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I have to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy this one at all. There didn’t seem to be a clear angle with it - you can tell the author wanted to stick with rabbits that weren’t acting too human, and it was interesting to see where they didn’t understand human ideas, like the sea and bridges, but equally, these rabbits were capable of getting in a boat in a bid for freedom and rescuing each other from garden hutches.

In this day and age, it wasn’t the best read to hear all about these adventurous rabbits going to war essentially over who gets to impregnate the females, but you have to put the book firmly in its age and genre - it’s about rabbits, after all. It was never quite clear whether this book was for adults or for kids, so I guess it was aimed at some happy medium between the two.

What I felt most disappointing of all was in fact the quantity of stories. Not just rabbit-style fairy stories, but the moments where a bunch of them would go off on an adventure and then come back and tell the others all about it. We would be in on the telling of the tale, why couldn’t we just have gone along for the adventure in the first place?

Rating: Unrated

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