Vigilante by Kerry Wilkinson

Published February 21, 2014

Vigilante by Kerry Wilkinson

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The second Jessica Daniel book in the series, and I whipped through it in next to no time. It was nice to have the familiarity of the characters from the first book, with some taking a larger role, and others only mentioned in passing. It was totally believable in terms of the amount of time that had gone by and the way that relationships had changed in the intervening period.

In terms of the story, I really enjoyed it. A vigilante killer is on the loose, so there are mixed feelings about whether he’s good or bad, and not only that but the prime suspect is locked up in prison and therefore unlikely to have been trawling the streets of an evening. I really quite liked the fact that Jessica went off the rails partway through, not through any bad feeling, of course, but just because she’s so down to earth and normal that it was good to see the protagonist of a crime book not being a superhero.

So overall it was very good, an improvement on the first as I suspected it might be. The only complaint I have is a small tendency to over-describe. For example, the exact seating order for the quiz night in the pub wasn’t really necessary or relevant. But it’s a trivial detail for what was a cracking read.

Rating: Unrated

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