Vigilante by Claude Bouchard

Published June 24, 2015

Vigilante by Claude Bouchard

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It’s an interesting premise, this one, but it didn’t quite deliver on what could have been a great story. As the title suggests, there’s a serial killer on the loose - but the victims are all bad types who “deserve” it. We follow the detective trying to figure out who’s behind it, as well as the security firm that he calls in to help crack the case.

There were a few too many characters to start with, it took me a while to understand who was who, particularly as the way they were introduced was often sudden and at random. I also guessed the ending quite early on, which didn’t spoil it but did take away from the effect of the big reveal at the end. There was a bit too much “tell” instead of “show” which felt stilted at times, but it wasn’t too bad. It kept me reading until the final page, so no major complaints.

Rating: Unrated

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