Treasury of Greek Mythology by Donna Jo Napoli

Published October 25, 2020

Treasury of Greek Mythology by Donna Jo Napoli

Book info

  • Title Treasury of Greek Mythology
  • Author Donna Jo Napoli
  • Year 2011
  • Genres Non-fiction, Mythology

The new National Geographic Treasury of Greek Mythology offers timeless stories of Greek myths in a beautiful new volume. Brought to life with lyrical text by award-winning author Donna Jo Napoli and stunning artwork by award-winning illustrator Christina Balit, the tales of gods and goddesses such as Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, and Athena and heroes and monsters such as Helen of Troy, Perseus, and Medusa will fascinate and engage children’s imaginations.


I don’t remember why I picked this up, at some point during one of our alcohol-fuelled nights the topic of Greek mythology come up and I realised I knew nothing and probably should know more. So this seemed like a good introduction, and I think it was. It took a minute to get into it because there’s a lot of names and things to remember, and people sleeping with their relatives, and people eating their own children. It’s a bit weird.

But I do feel like I learned something, and actually it made me want to go on and listen or read the Stephen Fry books which I assume take these stories and flesh them out a bit. This is a good primer, and left me wanting to know more.

Rating: 3 / 5

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