Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Published May 2, 2011

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

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I have attempted to read this, perhaps once before, and never got past the first few pages. This time round, it still took me a few repeated attempts to get past the first chapter.

Once I got going, it was okay, but I must admit I never found the book riveting. Having read up a bit about it afterwards, I didn’t realise it was the forerunner to all the pirate stereotypes that we know and love today: treasure maps, x marks the spot, parrots, peg-legs, mutinies and being left ashore on an island.

Perhaps I have been spoiled by Johnny Depp but I could have easily put this down halfway through and never picked it up again. I persevered, and it was worth reading, but I can’t say that I loved it.

Rating: Unrated

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