TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow

Published July 26, 2011

TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow

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I thought this would be just up my street due to its time-travelling nature, and whilst I knew it was aimed at the young adult market, that has never stopped me before. I very much enjoyed Harry Potter and that was aimed at children.

I did very much enjoy the concept and the story, and there were only a few bits that grated. Choosing Hitler seems like quite an obvious subject for time travel, which isn’t bad, but is perhaps overused. Having said that, if it gets people interested in history, then it’s probably a good thing. Some of the next books in the series also feature well known periods, and it’s probably a good way to get people involved in the story.

Naturally, the writing was a little simpler than I’m used to, and it didn’t have quite the flow that Harry Potter does. I think Liam’s expressions were overdone to try and prove he was Irish, when I would have believed it without the stereotype.

Aside from that, I liked the characters, and I liked the story. I didn’t love it, like I thought I might, but I’ll probably read the next one and see how it progresses.

Rating: Unrated

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