Thicker Than Water by Kerry Wilkinson

Published September 8, 2015

Thicker Than Water by Kerry Wilkinson

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What’s great about being a couple of books behind in a series is that you don’t have to wait so long to read up on the cliffhanger ending of the previous book. In that one, we were waiting to learn if our heroine tied the knot or not, and although you’d think the answer would be easy - as always with Jess, it’s more complicated than it looks.

There was a lot of angst in this book, I thought. A lot of relationship complications - between Jess and her significant other, between Jess and her friends, even with Jess’ boss and his own family. The crime story was almost incidental, and if I’m honest, it didn’t quite make sense to me. After the first couple of murders, things just got more and more tangled and then the rush to reveal all happened so quickly, it almost wasn’t satisfying enough. It was an intensely clever plot, but maybe needed just a bit more work.

It’s fun hanging out with these characters, and I’m going to have to read the next one because of another darned cliffhanger, but I hope there’s a brilliant whodunit underneath as well as that’s what Jess is particularly good at.

Rating: Unrated

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