The Third Victim by Lisa Gardner

Published November 13, 2004

The Third Victim by Lisa Gardner

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A small American town becomes the latest victim of a school shooting and it’s up to Rainie Conner to work out whether the boy she has under arrest actually did it or not, all the while trying to live through her own horrors and embark on a relationship with an out of town investigator.

Lorraine Connor, Rainie, has a deeply troubled history and she takes the reigns of the terror embarked on the town well, although starts to lose the plot a little herself. The object of her affection, Quincy, just seems like a really nice guy.

The writing is very open and clear and sympathetic to what is a very hard and appalling subject to write about. I think it lacks the big thrills that it tries to pursue but manages to be about the town dealing with the horror instead.

Read this if you want to see no matter how awful the world can be, people can survive it, if they stick together.

Rating: Unrated

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