The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

Published January 15, 2013

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

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This was an intriguing one, like nothing I have really read before, although it occasionally reminded me of the two lead characters in Of Mice and Men. Following two brothers as they go on a job for their boss - a job that involves tracking a thief and dispensing with 1800s style justice.

I was fascinated by the slow, plodding pace of the book, and the calm manner in which it is told. It comes first person from the less aggressive of the two brothers, but even when there are bursts of violence, it still seems to be told in a calm and orderly fashion. It makes it, and them, a bit more palatable, as there is little to endear the two brothers to you aside from that.

It’s a slow build up as you get to the destination, and everything that happens after is sort of predictable but also satisfying at the same time. Overall, I liked the book, although I must admit that I can’t really put my finger on why!

Rating: Unrated

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