The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis

Published November 28, 2004

The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis

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Set in Rome AD 70. Marcus Didius Falco bumps into a beautiful young girl and the next thing he knows, she has been murdered. Being of the private investigative sort, he begins to unravel a huge plot that leads him through Rome, to Britain and back, to a meeting with his high and mighty himself, the emperor.

Marcus is a nice little character, he lives on his own and is fond of women but takes care of his mother and his family as well. He spends three months as a slave in the mines, just to gain some new information - a brave man!

Written in the first person, Marcus lets you into his world without going into too many gory details. The story gets told, with some added bits that are probably not specific to the time period, but it all shakes out fine in the end.

Rating: Unrated

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