The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn by Colin Dexter

Published April 20, 2015

The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn by Colin Dexter

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This third book in the Inspector Morse series took on a slightly different form to the previous two. The detective was still particularly obtuse with giving away any details, and I do still wonder how Lewis manages to put up with him - doing all the work and being kept in the dark for so long.

But the start of the story was different, in that it focused on the set up for far longer than others. It wasn’t until Chapter Five that the titular hero made his appearance. It was a pretty complex setup and an equally confusing crime, so that I’m not totally sure I understood every beat of it.

But having said that, it was a refreshing tale, one that didn’t seem full of cliches as many detective stories are, and it’s good to see that Morse isn’t above being wrong on occasion. I’m not sure I’ll keep reading the series from here, but I’m glad to have spent just a little time in Lewis and Morse’s company.

Rating: Unrated

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