The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton

Published November 8, 2018

The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton

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Occasionally, I want something quick and easy to devour, and at the same time revisit my childhood. I always remember having Enid Blyton books to hand, but I don’t think The Secret Seven were one of my favourites. For a start, it’s quite hard to remember seven distinct people, particularly when they are all quite similar plucky young kids. I did like, however, when compared to the Famous Five, that the count in the title didn’t include a dog!

This read through was quite fun, I liked it more than I remember liking them. But I must say the story was pretty obvious. Clearly it’s aimed at kids not fully formed adults (!) like myself, but even a young kid must be able to identify the snuffles of a horse, particularly if they live in the countryside, no?

Nevertheless, I still liked the inventiveness - the gang went to a lot of trouble to make snowman suits and stay up half the night keeping watch. You wouldn’t get dedication like that these days, I reckon!

Fun book, very short but a good introduction to the Secret Seven.

Rating: Unrated

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