The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend

Published November 16, 2012

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend

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I have read this book over and over, but not for a long time. When I was younger, I had a well-leafed copy, and I guess I enjoyed it because of the diary format rather than because I had any particular understanding of it. I don’t relate to what it’s like being a teenage boy, and looking back now I can see that I didn’t get a lot of the references.

I was surprised to see this as a Kindle Daily Deal but snapped it up, as I had almost forgotten the book existed! I instantly opened it and began to reminisce and before I knew it, I’d read the entire thing in the space of 24 hours. I love it, the simplicity, the fish out of water, the dry humour.

I can relate to being an odd one out at school, and obsessing over childhood crushes, but more than that, it’s just a really enjoyable (and quick!) read. I hadn’t realised there were quite so many sequels, I think perhaps I have read just the second, but I’ll be sure to check out some more of them.

Rating: Unrated

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