The Safe House by Nicci French

Published April 6, 2016

The Safe House by Nicci French

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I enjoyed this story, although it felt like a pretty unusual and somewhat unrealistic situation to start with. Fragile traumatised girl goes to stay with random stranger in the countryside to keep safe? Does that happen? I don’t know but anyway, it set up what was an interesting and almost always threatening story.

I like the fact that the twist I guessed happened about three quarters of the way through, leaving plenty of time for more of the woven intricate details to be unravelled. I might have been feeling smug initially but it was quickly clear how wrong I’d been!

The ending left me a bit unsatisfied, I didn’t quite get it the way I think maybe I was supposed to, but nevertheless, it was a reasonably happy ending and after the tension all the way through that is all that can be asked for!

Rating: Unrated

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