The Red Room by Nicci French

Published November 23, 2016

The Red Room by Nicci French

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Another solid story from Nicci French, I quite liked this one particularly because it was about a crime that didn’t happen to our main protagonist. Whilst there was still an air of tension surrounding our hero, you at least didn’t read the whole thing feeling like she was in mortal danger.

So, the story is about a few random murders that look like they may be related but the link between them remains elusive… even when the police are sure they’ve found the answer. In this book, like in many other French books, there’s an element of the police just not listening, which is so frustrating to read but you sort of have to understand their point of view, particularly in this one.

Overall it’s a good story, though, and it all comes to a satisfying conclusion, if a slightly depressing ending.

Rating: Unrated

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