The Pusher by Ed McBain

Published July 20, 2014

The Pusher by Ed McBain

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The third book in the 87th Precinct series and what an intriguing one. The cast of characters expands again, and we focus in on a death that looks like it should be a suicide but probably isn’t. Drugs are behind it, and the detectives are tasked with chasing down whoever is supplying and causing all the problems.

I really find these books easy to read and enjoyable to whip through. They’re short and to the point, occasionally a little sexist, but that’s somewhat down to the time they were written. As with the previous two, the city itself becomes a character, living and breathing, bringing joy and terror in equal measure.

I enjoyed it, even the tense ending, and then particularly liked the author’s note at the end. I hate reading an introduction that spoils everything that comes after, but reading notes at the end of a book are so much more interesting. Very well done.

Rating: Unrated

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