The Princess Bride by William Goldman

Published February 16, 2015

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

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It took me a few false starts to really get going with this one, it’s such an odd start to a book. I often skip prefaces and introductions because they are usually big spoilers for the book ahead - written as though you know exactly what’s coming. For The Princess Bride, that’s the whole point!

There’s a story within a story, and it gets a bit confusing at times, particularly towards the end. I couldn’t really get my head round what was real, if any of it, and what wasn’t, but in the end I just gave up trying and enjoyed the tale.

The story of Buttercup and Westley is brilliant, and at first it feels like that is despite the interruptions from the author, but by the end I could see how they add to the joy. A great read, different and a style I wasn’t totally comfortable with, but fun nevertheless.

Rating: Unrated

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