The Missing Element by John L. Betcher

Published August 5, 2016

The Missing Element by John L. Betcher

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I really enjoyed the first book in the Elements series, following Becker on an adventure to do with a power plant and some rogue adversaries. I hoped this would be more of the same, but I’m not sure the action quite lived up to the hype of the first.

It was a good story, but missing some elements (in an unfortunate coincidence with the title), which were then fleshed out with areas of too much detail. Where the kidnapping and underlying plot are great modern situations, there didn’t seem to be quite enough peril, enough haste, much of anything standing in the way of the good guys getting to the answer. There was little doubt over who did it and he quite literally led them to the answers.

Instead of obstacles in the path of the characters, we spent quite a long time living the minute details of Beth and Beck’s marriage. Interesting enough for a couple of chapters but not really adding anything to their characters to sustain it for the length of the story. Overall, some great building blocks here but not quite finished off to perfection.

Rating: Unrated

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