The Little Friend by Donna Tartt

Published November 19, 2004

The Little Friend by Donna Tartt

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Twelve-year-old Harriet has an uncomfortable life after the murder of her brother when she was just a child. She’s struggling to grow up and to find her place in the world and she finds the best way to do this is to plot revenge on her brother’s killer.

Harriet is just an amazing little character, you get to see right inside her and she’s described so well, that you almost feel like you’re twelve again. Sadly, the structure of the rest of the family confused me a little.

It’s very descriptive but not overly so and no words out of place. I liked it, but I found it a little - well, I got to the end and I couldn’t really believe that was the end, I felt like it could have gone on for a long time more, but not because it was exceptionally good, just because the ending felt a little, weak.

Rating: Unrated

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