The Legend of Ellie Quinn by Alex Scarrow

Published December 1, 2014

The Legend of Ellie Quinn by Alex Scarrow

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I waited until after I’d finished the TimeRiders series before diving into a new series from Alex Scarrow, but they aren’t really comparable. The first book in the Ellie Quinn series introduces the central character - a girl stuck on a boring planet, hoping for more from life - and the situation - that there is something special about her to the point that people are starting to hunt her down.

The writing style is very similar, bursts of action interspersed with young adult soul-searching, but for whatever reason this one didn’t speak to me as much as the TimeRiders ones did. It was an interesting read, and I do wonder what is so special about Ellie that she has the attention of all these scientists/researchers, but I’m not sure if I want to keep reading. It was simple and quick to read, I think the author has called it something of a side project before, so maybe I’ll check out the second one regardless.

Rating: Unrated

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