The Legacy by Lynda La Plante

Published April 9, 2014

The Legacy by Lynda La Plante

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I’ve seen a few reviews for this book saying it’s unlike Lynda La Plante’s usual work, more like a Catherine Cookson, and thus it has had a mixed response. I’ve not read any of her work before, so I wasn’t anticipating anything but I still wasn’t completely convinced by what I read.

The descriptions of poverty in the mining village in contrast to the wealth of Cardiff was brilliant, very evocative. But the characters were hard to like, not totally believable and more than anything inconsistent. Hot-headed one minute, gentle the next, proud and with principles, then doing anything to get what they want. Also, the ending seemed to fizzle out.

It wasn’t my kind of book, I hadn’t realised it would be so much about boxing - I’m not a fan of the sport at all, so reading about it isn’t something I’d choose to do. I usually like the sprawling books covering an entire lifetime of someone, but this one didn’t quite work for me. As it is said to be so different to La Plante’s normal fare, though, I’m not put off from reading more of her work.

Rating: Unrated

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