The Key to Rebecca by Ken Follett

Published November 11, 2016

The Key to Rebecca by Ken Follett

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Another Ken Follett spy thriller that is up to his usual excellent standard, with great characters and a story that twists and turns to a satisfying conclusion. You can tell it’s some of his early work but it still stands the test of time.

It’s an interesting work really, because it starts out from the point of view of the antagonist, and it’s quite a long time before you really see that he’s a bad guy rather than someone just working for the country they are loyal to. He doesn’t seem all that different to someone like James Bond, so it is almost hard to totally root against him - until he starts acting badly, that is.

I liked the cryptography sections, and almost wish there was more of that. Codebreaking is incredibly interesting although I suppose it would break the flow of the thriller somewhat. Good work, anyway.

Rating: Unrated

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