The Hit by David Baldacci

Published April 11, 2020

The Hit by David Baldacci

Book info

  • Title The Hit
  • Author David Baldacci
  • Year 2013
  • Genres Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Government hitman Will Robie is an elite killer. Called on by the US authorities to assassinate enemies of the state, his formidable skill set makes him an irreplaceable asset to his employers. But when he’s given his next target, he knows he’s about to embark on his toughest mission yet. Reports indicate fellow assassin Jessica Reel has gone rogue, leaving a trail of deaths in her wake including her handler. To stop one of their own requires a special kind of agent and Robie is ordered to bring her in – dead or alive. But as the hunt begins, he quickly finds that there is more to her betrayal than meets the eye. There are larger forces at play that, if exposed, threaten to destabilize the US government and send shockwaves around the world...


A good second book in the Will Robie canon, and one that very cleverly introduces a new character to the series. Robie’s meticulousness has taken a hit after the events of the last book but he’s still on top form as he uncovers the bigger plot beneath his orders.

I really enjoyed following along the twists and turns of the story, and it’s nice how moments from the previous book were littered here and there to make sure you’re paying attention. Can’t wait to read the third and see where Jessica and Will go from here!

Rating: 4 / 5

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