The Heckler by Ed McBain

Published May 17, 2015

The Heckler by Ed McBain

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This book in the 87th Precinct series raised the stakes a little. Rather than one murderer or a single crime to solve, this one was a series of connected incidents that were leading towards a huge plot to rob a bank. Seeing the cops struggle to connect the dots was both frustrating but also intriguing - would they get there in time?

Without major spoilers, I found it a little irritating that Steve Carella found himself in trouble again. He’s a major part of this series now, and a seemingly good guy, it’s not fair that he ends up on the wrong end of an argument again.

Otherwise this was a good story. Less focused on the city as a character and moving more towards a fast-paced plot, it was another solid entry in the series.

Rating: Unrated

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