The Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson

Published November 10, 2017

The Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson

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This standalone work from Kerry Wilkinson charts the unfolding mystery of a kidnapped child who returns. She’s welcomed in with open arms by some, and treated with understandable confusion and suspicion by others, and sorting truth from the lies is what our journey together is all about.

I’m not sure I enjoyed this one as much as other works by Kerry - the story is great, and the twists and turns are up to the usual brilliant standard, but I didn’t quite get fully engaged with the prodigal daughter returning side of things. The reactions to a kidnapped child returning don’t read quite right to me, it’s all quite muted and hands off. I feel like there would be more emotion and certainly that the police would ask more questions.

But that’s nitpicking at another good read, a page-turner because even when I was suspending my disbelief, I still needed to get to the end to see what happened.

Rating: Unrated

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