The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble

Published March 29, 2005

The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble

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Four girls become the closest of friends at school and make a pact to be there for each other, no matter what. Thing is, life gets in the way. With children, husbands, affairs, divorces and many more emotional things happening, their pact is put through the ringer.

I didn’t feel like this was particularly original and there were a few predictable moments throughout the book. The reactions of the characters were all signposted from quite a long way away, and it made them less interesting and not very engaging. Standard and stereotypical characters with no one I could specifically relate to. Having said that, they weren’t so bad that I stopped reading, and I did care enough to keep turning the pages. I suspect it may have been more from curiosity than a desire for them all to get a happy ending.

This is another book that managed to shift from the inside thoughts of one character to another without rhyme or reason. I’ve struggled with this before so I think perhaps it is a “chick lit” format that I am just not comfortable with. I did like the way it was written, but with little love for the characters, it didn’t grab my attention as it should have done.

Rating: Unrated

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