The Dinner Party by R. J. Parker

Published September 8, 2022

The Dinner Party by R. J. Parker

Book info

  • Title The Dinner Party
  • Author R. J. Parker
  • Year 2019
  • Genre Mystery

Eight friends. Eight secrets. One killer. A group of old friends gather in a peaceful suburban street for a dinner party. They are expecting a fun evening of wine, food and pleasant company. But then they start to play the game... It’s about trust and dark secrets – it tests marriage to its limits – and none of them can begin to imagine its consequences. Because the next day, two guests are dead and the others are trapped in a nightmare…


I quite liked how this mystery played out, with a dinner party game being played and even though no secrets are revealed at the time, the fallout is quick and severe. Six friends at the start, and by the end, they are being picked off and whittled down until the big showdown. I had no idea who had done what or why, although it was clear Ted’s wife knew a lot more than she was letting on right from the start. A good, quick read, with short, sharp chapters.

Rating: 3 / 5

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