The Diamond Girls by Jacqueline Wilson

Published June 22, 2021

The Diamond Girls by Jacqueline Wilson

Book info

  • Title The Diamond Girls
  • Author Jacqueline Wilson
  • Year 2004
  • Genre Childrens

Dixie is the youngest Diamond girl. She and her sisters - dreamy Martine, glamorous Rochelle and tough Jude - could hardly be more different, but their mum has always tried to teach them the value of sticking together. Now Mum's expecting yet another baby, and she's convinced this one's a boy. She insists they move to a bigger place - but it's rough, dilapidated and filthy, and before they've even unpacked, Mum's gone into labour! Can the Diamond girls pull together in time for her to come home? And will anyone spot Mum's little secret but Dixie?


This probably wasn’t my favourite Jacqueline Wilson’s books, but I’m conflicted by that. Wilson says she wrote the book after seeing a review from a politician who disliked a previous book where the kids in the family had different fathers. As if that matters? So I totally agree with Wilson’s reaction to write a book in which five kids have different fathers - none of that detracts from their family and actually adds quite a lot of interest and friendly rivalry.

What I didn’t enjoy was the chaos, the mess, the dirt, the carnage. The girls were basically left by themselves in an unknown and filthy house because their mum went into labour earlier than expected… and it just made me feel uncomfortable. They were fine and it all worked out okay, but I’m not sure I enjoyed getting to the end with them.

Rating: 3 / 5

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