The Con Man by Ed McBain

Published August 5, 2014

The Con Man by Ed McBain

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I’m really getting into these 87th Precinct books, particularly as the cast of characters keep on returning and start to take on a strong presence in my mind. This time, there’s a con man on the loose as well as a killer, keeping the police department very busy. There’s a good mix of the crime stories and the personal lives of the police in this book, helping to cement the personalities of what have so far just been names.

It’s also good to see Teddy Carella getting a more active role, she’s such an interesting character. It’s nice that she doesn’t just have to be the stay-at-home wife, even if some of the situations seem slightly unbelievable - would the cab driver really have understood quite so quickly, is this a position he finds himself in a lot?

Either way, a good read, quick and easy to digest, and I’m ready for the fifth!

Rating: Unrated

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