The Cheese and I by Matt Feroze

Published August 10, 2014

The Cheese and I by Matt Feroze

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An unusual memoir that chronicles one man’s attempt to leave a stuffy accountancy job behind for a life in the cheese caves of France. It’s actually less dramatic than that sounds, as our protagonist quite liked his office job but just felt like taking a sabbatical to indulge in his passion for cheese.

I loved reading about the atmospheric regions of France, Bruno’s goats, strolls around Lyon, and the rich textures involved in cheese-making. The stressful parts of the book were less fun, language learning, real estate bureaucracy and unhappy customers, but overall that gave it a great balance.

The story feels somewhat unfinished though, leaving off at the peak of a new and exciting period - I want to know more about the cheese tour. Very good book though, a well told memoir able to engage cheese fans and non-dairy lovers alike.

Rating: Unrated

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