The Bubble Gum Thief by Jeff Miller

Published December 22, 2013

The Bubble Gum Thief by Jeff Miller

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An interesting read, this one. It managed to steer clear of some of the more predictable cop thriller tropes, for example, our protagonist was taken off the case before it even got going, rather than halfway through. Dagny Gray was a difficult character to get to like, and I was a bit disappointed that the anorexia storyline did’t go anywhere. It had been pretty well handled up to the point it just disappeared.

The case was an interesting one, and I quite enjoyed the chase, but the twist at the end confused me. I found it hard to follow the complex web of characters, but that could have just been me being stupid. Otherwise, it was well written and interesting enough, but not quite the gem it initially seemed to be.

Rating: Unrated

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