The Beach by Alex Garland

Published November 22, 2013

The Beach by Alex Garland

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The Beach is another book that I’ve read several times, and really enjoy it. It’s been a while since the last outing, though, so I had mostly forgotten the intricate twists and turns that the story takes. What’s brilliant about it is how subtly things go wrong. An island dream paradise, with fellow travellers who all work and play and get along together.

You know it can never last, but just how it all unravels is brilliant, terrifying, unnerving, all of the above. The writing is excellent, sucking you in so that it’s not quite a page-turner but it keeps you immersed in the protagonist’s view.

Great characters, unusual behaviours and plenty of action along the way, The Beach is a book I have read many times and will many times in the future!

Rating: Unrated

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