The Accidental Time Traveller by Sharon Griffiths

Published January 25, 2014

The Accidental Time Traveller by Sharon Griffiths

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It took me a couple of attempts to get into this one, but the words ’time’ and ’travel’ on the front had got me interested. The story follows a journalist who goes to interview someone about the 1950s and ends up in that time period. It takes her a while to adjust, but she finds herself adapting to life decades ago, and as you might imagine, she learns lots of lessons about herself and about life to bring back with her when she returns to the present.

It was an interesting read, not quite what I had hoped but still good enough to keep me going to the end and wondering what would happen to all the characters. There didn’t seem a particular moral, most stories like this would involve the time travel element as a sort of punishment or lesson to be learned for the protagonist but there wasn’t really too much wrong with her to start with. I was a bit confused by the way present characters were appearing in the past - parents of people and grandparents perhaps, but her friends seemed to be transported there. I suppose it was necessary, to have the fun section at the beginning where she thought she was on a TV show, but it made it seem more like a dream than the actual past.

Anyway, I recommend it for a nice bit of frothy nostalgia, and the way it all ties together at the end with some bonus character reveals is fun.

Rating: Unrated

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