Surviving Antarctica by Andrea White

Published September 5, 2016

Surviving Antarctica by Andrea White

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Interesting story this one. It’s very much in the same genre as The Hunger Games, as in a dystopian future sees children subjected to horrible manipulated gameshows that could end up in their death, with the reward being a marginally better lifestyle than what they have at the moment.

It’s not original in that sense, but it did feel like a new take on the genre - kids forced to recreate Scott’s mission to get to the South Pole, and all the dangers that come with it.

The peril was clear from the outset, and although you have to suspend your disbelief that anyone could allow this situation to unfold, once you get to know the kids involved, you start really rooting for them to do well. It’s also fun to see both sides of the drama, and what happens when outside intervenes in the games themselves.

Rating: Unrated

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