Sphere by Michael Crichton

Published July 4, 2023

Sphere by Michael Crichton

Book info

  • Title Sphere
  • Author Michael Crichton
  • Year 1987
  • Genre Thriller

A group of American scientists are rushed to a huge vessel that has been discovered resting on the ocean floor in the middle of the South Pacific. What they find defines their imaginations and mocks their attempts at logical explanation. It is a spaceship of phenomenal dimensions, apparently, undamaged by its fall from the sky. And, most startling, it appears to be at least three hundred years old…


I must have read this before, because I’ve mentioned it before on this site, but I didn’t remember it when I started reading again. I listened to the audiobook, read by Scott Brick, and immediately you are drawn into the story as you join Norman on his journey to a mysterious situation in the middle of the ocean. It starts out as a standard sci-fi story but turns into something more psychological and philosophical as it unfolds. Interesting and well told, a good story!

Rating: 4 / 5

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