Small Man in a Book by Rob Brydon

Published July 27, 2016

Small Man in a Book by Rob Brydon

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Rob Brydon’s autobiography is deliberately set in the period from birth to just as he broke through and become a household name. I admire that, considering the world of autobiographies can be about just spilling the beans on your rich and famous friends.

However, it does linger a little too long on childhood, for my tastes, particularly as Brydon himself admits he’s remembering them through rose-tinted spectacles. Thankfully it’s all done with humour, but I found the middle section about trying to break through into acting far more interesting.

It was also interesting to see how the same people come dipping in and out of his life - Ruth Jones, Julia Davis and James Corden, helping each other and working together to make comedy a better place! I found it interesting to read about the voiceover process, and how hard it was to find an agent to get out of that world into acting instead, although I must admit it was disappointing when the story ends on a tantalising glimpse of Gavin and Stacey.

I don’t want gory details, but love reading how things are made, what efforts go into creating the wonderful things we, as fans, get to consume. Thankfully the latter portion of the book has that in spades, making up for the slightly slow start to proceedings.

Rating: Unrated

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