Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Published November 11, 2014

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

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The world is currently going mad over Gone Girl, but I happened to have this Gillian Flynn book hanging around instead. I’ve not read her work before and this was her debut novel, so for the both of us it was a first! I thought it was so well written, it really drew you in with evocative prose and snappy dialogue. Each paragraph made you feel exactly what those involved were feeling, particularly the sticky, prickly, sickly feeling that grew and grew towards the end.

It’s a dark story, both in terms of the murders that are being investigated, the perpetrator that it ends up being, and the protagonist herself. All have their own dark secrets that are gradually discovered by the reader, more often than not leading to more questions raised than have been answered.

But it’s a fantastic read, and if Gone Girl is in a similar vein then I can see why there’s such a furore surrounding it, and I’m certainly going to add it to my reading list.

Rating: Unrated

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