Secrets of the Conqueror by Stuart Prebble

Published November 21, 2014

Secrets of the Conqueror by Stuart Prebble

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It’s no secret that I have a fondness for submarines, but I actually know precious little about them. The odd movie here or there is about the limit of my expertise, but I’m keen to start righting this wrong. This book chronicles the true story of what one of our submarines was really doing during the Cold War, and also details some of the coverup that occurred to hide its actions.

Non-fiction and historical books (if you can call thirty years history) like this can sometimes be stuffy and hard work, but this was really well written, very engaging and with some great interviews, conversations, and details. Even the bits explaining more technical details about submarines or about the machinations of war were easily digested.

I thought it was a fascinating read, raising plenty of questions, revealing lots of great stuff about submarines themselves, and also perking up my interest in that period of history as well. Top stuff.

Rating: Unrated

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