Secret Smile by Nicci French

Published February 20, 2016

Secret Smile by Nicci French

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The chill that went through me whilst reading almost all of this was incredible. It has tension almost from the first page, particularly as much of it is describing mundane things - painting houses, going for a run, picking up groceries, a boy meeting a girl then going out with her sister instead.

It’s the intricate details that make this so sinister. Also I was reminded of another Nicci French book, wherein the protagonist is the only one who isn’t fooled by the antagonist’s behaviour, and even the police won’t listen.

I must say, the ending confused me because it felt abrupt and uncomfortable and out of place, but then the final few paragraphs made more sense of why that was. Well crafted, not quite completely satisfying, but a great read nevertheless.

Rating: Unrated

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