Rowing After the White Whale by James Adair

Published April 28, 2014

Rowing After the White Whale by James Adair

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The prologue to this Indian Ocean adventure had me intrigued, but then the idolisation of Moby Dick in the early chapters had the opposite effect. I wasn’t a huge fan of the book, having only read it recently, but I do like these endurance/adventure stories and this seemed like a good one. Ben and James set out to row the Indian Ocean, a huge task, and along the way face nature head on in a battle to survive.

At first, it felt as though these two weren’t really making the preparatory effort they should and it concerned me - like when it’s tough to have sympathy for people that attempt to climb a mountain in flip-flops. But it soon became clear that they had the skills and more importantly the attitude and fight to get their way across the momentous body of water facing them.

It’s well written with, thankfully, only the occasional dip off-tangent, unlike Melville’s work! Emotional in places, but very level-headed and inclusive, I really enjoyed the story - even the heart-stopping ending. It’s a shame the trip ended as it did, dramatic conclusion aside, but what a great journey.

Rating: Unrated

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