River God by Wilbur Smith

Published December 15, 2016

River God by Wilbur Smith

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I didn’t know what this book was about when I started reading it, but I was quickly engrossed in the story of Egypt, its Pharaohs and the bloody warfare that they indulge in. Although the story itself is a relatively straightforward one about two armies facing off against each other, it is the intricate details of life in Ancient Egypt that make it an incredible read.

It’s so hard to get into the mindset of someone in those days, but Smith does an excellent job of painting a picture of life in troubled Egypt. The deference paid to the Pharaoh, the fact they hadn’t seen wheels or horses before, and the fact people were willing to believe a ghost brought forth two princesses, all of it seems far-fetched but so very fitting when you’re in the midst of reading about it.

It was graphic, in places, and the bloodthirsty nature of the piece I’m sure reflects the times but made it hard to read sometimes. Overall, I enjoyed it though, it was something very different and ultimately very rewarding.

Rating: Unrated

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