Ratking by Michael Dibdin

Published August 2, 2013

Ratking by Michael Dibdin

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I watched about half of the first episode of the Zen TV series and gave up because it didn’t grab me. I picked up the book in a sale and thought I would try and see if it was any better. Sadly, it didn’t entertain me much more than the programme did. I read all the way to the end because I was curious about the whodunit part, but none of the characters were particularly interesting.

As a damaged detective, I thought Zen was lacking whatever it is that allows the reader in. The story read much like Sherlock Holmes adventures do - not that much action, and a lot of people talking and filling in the gaps afterwards to flesh out what actually happened. As I didn’t particularly enjoy this one, I’m not planning to read the rest of the series. I’m glad I gave the book a go, though. It wouldn’t be fair to miss out just because the TV show didn’t deliver.

Rating: Unrated

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