Ralph's Party by Lisa Jewell

Published April 6, 2022

Ralph's Party by Lisa Jewell

Book info

  • Title Ralph's Party
  • Author Lisa Jewell
  • Year 1999
  • Genre Contemporary

Six people, one big house and the party that brings it all down... Ralph and Smith are flatmates and best mates. Nothing can come between them - until the gorgeous Jemima moves in. They're both falling for her, but which one of them does she want? Upstairs, Karl and Siobhan are happily unmarried and have been for fifteen years - until Cheri moves into the flat above, and fixes her sights on Karl. Why should a little problem like his girlfriend get in her way? Sooner or later this house is bound to implode. So when Ralph throws a party and invites the whole house, what could possibly go wrong?


This was so readable, I really whipped through it in super quick time. I didn’t necessarily relate to the characters, they weren’t all particularly nice people, but I really wanted to know how it was going to work out for them all, especially when there were clear moments that were going to come back and haunt them later! My only complaint is that the party of the title takes so long to arrive and is over very quickly. It wraps everything up but does it deserve to be the title after all that comes before it?

Rating: 3 / 5

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