Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz

Published January 10, 2015

Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz

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The second book in the Alex Rider series takes our young hero and plunges him straight back into danger again. The premise this time made more sense than in the previous book. Rather than “they’d never suspect a boy”, it was “actually this is a school for boys and you’re the next pupil.”

With that in mind, I was happier going into the book and I quite enjoyed how the stakes were raised, and the morals of the situation analysed. I wasn’t totally sure why we had that week of difficulties with the faux family at the beginning, but once Rider got to the school things really heated up.

I also thought it was a good and brave ending, slightly contrived in the way it was handled, but an excellent cliffhanger that means I have to read the next one now.

Rating: Unrated

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