Peggy and Me by Miranda Hart

Published July 13, 2020

Peggy and Me by Miranda Hart

Book info

  • Title Peggy and Me
  • Author Miranda Hart
  • Year 2016
  • Genres Memoir, Animals

Hello dear book browser and welcome to Peggy & Me, the story of my life since getting a beautiful Shih-Tzu Bichon Frise cross puppy (I call the breed a Shitty Frise - fun) in the form of Peggy. Some of you may be thinking: 'a book about a dog, how totally brilliant, I need hear no more, I'm sold.' In which case we should be best friends and go out to tea together, every day. Others of you may be thinking: 'a book about a dog, how totally mad, she must have officially lost it.' In which case I completely understand. For I once viewed dog owners with much suspicion. But I now get why people become so mad about their hounds. It's been a bumpy old road, but Peggy has been lovingly by my side through some life-changing moments and I wouldn't have coped without her. Put aside any doggy reservations and come walkies with Peggy and me...


I was in two minds about reading this book because as much as I love Miranda Hart, I’m not so keen on people gushing about their pets. It’s fine if they have such a great relationship with their pooch, I’m just not sure I need to hear about it. But I picked up this audiobook in an Audible sale and decided to give it a whirl. I’m glad I did. Although there are some moments that non-pet owners like me will never understand, there’s still a lot to learn about life and love through this.

Following Miranda’s journey from being so desperately unhappy to learning lots of lessons about herself and her relationships and her self-esteem, well, it’s worth it for everyone whether you’re a pet lover or not. And of course there are lots of fun anecdotes and Miranda moments along the way.

I’m not totally sure the bits from Peggy work in audio, it’s okay if there’s a long monologue but when it was slightly more of a conversation it was sometimes hard to distinguish who was saying what. You sort of get used to it though, by the end, I was following fine.

To sum up, not for everyone, I’m sure, but a meaningful work nonetheless.

Rating: 4 / 5

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