Parsnips, Buttered by Joe Lycett

Published June 2, 2021

Parsnips, Buttered by Joe Lycett

Book info

  • Title Parsnips, Buttered
  • Author Joe Lycett
  • Year 2016
  • Genres Non-fiction, Humour

I, Joe Lycett, comedian, wordsmith, and professional complainer, am here to help. During my short life of doing largely nothing I've discovered solutions to many of life's problems, which I impart to you, dear Reader. Containing a centurion of complaint letters to unsuspecting celebrities, companies and anyone brave enough to clog up my phone, as well as illustrations, one-liners , jokes and life hacks, this little gem offers you a collection of tips and advice for all manner of modern woe. By the time you have finished reading this book you will have learnt how to: Reverse a parking fine, Manipulate the tabloid press, Navigate social media, Respond to hate mail, Out-weird internet trolls, Contest a so-called ripe avocado, Send the perfect Christmas newsletter, Defeat ISIS, Take down multi-national companies AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!


I felt like I was walking a tightrope reading this book. Joe Lycett is a great comedian, and I love his approach to life, but there are times when this wobbled a bit for me. I’m not big on pranks, and so had to feel like the recipient of these messages and emails really deserved it… the spam festival one was great, whereas the woman just trying to keep pets out of her workplace didn’t seem so funny.

But that’s my problem, not Joe’s, and I really like the way the book is laid out, the way it’s written, and the general feeling of positivity it gives you - you don’t just have to take things lying down, Lycett’s got your back!

Rating: 3 / 5

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