Paper Money by Ken Follett

Published November 17, 2017

Paper Money by Ken Follett

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I love Ken Follett and his writing is always intriguing, whipping you along through a story until you get to a satisfying conclusion. This was a different work, an earlier one, and as the author himself alludes to, it doesn’t abide by standard thriller specifications.

There’s a huge cast of characters, a sprawling plot with no apparent heroes and lots of threads to be tied together by the end. That does happen, although I though the ending a bit abrupt. I don’t mind that it’s not really a happy ending, and all the characters seem to get resolved, but it all happens incredibly quickly.

No complaints though, it’s a really interesting piece in the size of the cast, the story without a lead, and the fact that it all seems to happen and be resolved with no major consequences.

Rating: Unrated

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