One Night on Ice by Mandy Baggot

Published December 9, 2022

One Night on Ice by Mandy Baggot

Book info

  • Title One Night on Ice
  • Author Mandy Baggot
  • Year 2013
  • Genre Christmas

Two very different people. One magical city. A chance to fall in love. When routine-driven box office assistant, Samantha Smith, meets the stars of Skating on Broadway her life is turned upside down. Immediately attracted to lead skater, Jimmy Lloyd, Samantha does her best to deny her feelings. But when all you can do is burst out laughing and hyperventilate every time you're under pressure, keeping things under wraps is a hard task. When the future of her beloved Civic Hall is threatened, Samantha must rise to the challenge to ensure its survival. Constantly scrutinised and criticised by her zany sister Cleo and her brogue-wearing boyfriend Jeremy, can Samantha save her job, save the Civic Hall and stop her panic attacks just long enough to give away her heart?


The underlying story of this is fine - a bit of a rom-com, a bit of our heroine saving the local theatre from closure, a bit of Christmas fun and games. But I don’t know that the characters held up their end of the bargain. The sister, Cleo, was hideous to her sister and took any opportunity to criticise, whilst our main character Sam(antha) was an odd creature, pretty judgmental herself and very buttoned-up. I did like the relationship with her and Jimmy though, it progressed nicely. This was a freebie, I think, so nothing wasted, but not a favourite.

Rating: 2 / 5

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