Nothing Like I Imagined by Mindy Kaling

Published April 1, 2023

Nothing Like I Imagined by Mindy Kaling

Book info

  • Title Nothing Like I Imagined
  • Author Mindy Kaling
  • Year 2020
  • Genre Memoir

In this hilarious collection, Mindy Kaling considers her new role as single mom, the perks of not having a husband, and her struggle with social anxiety. In between, the beloved actress, writer, and Hollywood power-bruncher gets Kanye West'd at her best friend's birthday, thwarts an 'only in LA' crime, and learns what it means to have it all.


Lovely Mindy Kaling wrote a handful essays as Amazon Originals and these are bundled together in a collection, which I listened to the audiobook version of. Kaling naturally reads them very well and they’re brilliantly constructud with humour and honesty and a point of view baked right in. Most of the subjects were a surprise too, I didn’t know Kaling was a single mother and by design, and I didn’t realise she had more introvert tendencies and was exhausted by people the same way many of us are. It was really a breath of fresh air and left me wanting more!

Rating: 5 / 5

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